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Author(s): Görnitz, Brigitte
Psychology 1. In technological projection, a picture or image is cast onto the wall. Psychic projection, on the other hand, shifts inner images, or sensations/reactions, to the outside, such as affects and impulses, wishes, or certain conceptualizations. Projection can serve to ward off fear and to retain an acceptable self-image. In an unconscious process, other persons, or a group or society, are ‘projectively’ ascribed a feeling or → prejudice actually emerging from one's own self. Now only th…


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Author(s): Görnitz, Brigitte
1. ‘Fantasy’ (Gk., phantasia, from phainomai, ‘appear’) in the sense of imagination (Lat., imagin-, ‘picture,’ ‘image’; → Social Myths and Fantasy Images) usually denotes the power of conceptualization or mental representation. Fantasy as a cognitive faculty was first described theoretically in the epistemology of the ancient Stoa—as the content of an imagined world (Gk., phantastón), or else in the sense of the creative activity that brings this content ( phantastikón) to life. Fantasies are first formed intrapsychically, by way of play of thought, association, …