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Recipient Passive

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Author(s): Giger, Markus
The entry describes voice constructions that promote the indirect object of a verb to the subject position. The main type is built from a verb meaning ‘get’ and a perfective passive participle. It can be found in several Slavic languages, but with different degrees of grammaticalization, and in all cases, it seems to be a result of language contact with German. A second type, with the verb “have” and an imperfective passive participle, occurs mostly in Polish.A recipient passive is a voice construction promoting the indirect object of a verb to the subject position, cf…
Date: 2023-10-27

Verb Particles

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Author(s): Wiemer, Björn | Giger, Markus
Verb particles are free or clitic morphemes that combine with verb stems to modify their meanings. They are comparable to prefixes, which they are related to on a morphologization cline and often even etymologically. Combinations with verb stems (sometimes called particle verbs) constitute a subgroup of secondary predicates and should be distinguished from other subgroups (resultatives and depictives) as well as from compounds. Verb particles are widely attested in Slavic minority languag…
Date: 2023-10-27