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Stoecker, Adolf

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Author(s): Greschat, Martin
[German Version] (Dec 12, 1835, Halberstadt – Feb 7, 1909, Bolzano-Gries), Protestant clergyman and politician. He served as pastor in Seggerde (1863) and Hamersleben (1866), then as divisional chaplain in Metz (1871), before coming to Berlin in 1874 as fourth court chaplain and cathedral preacher. He was a gifted speaker and commentator, influenced by the revival movement (Revival/Revival movements). His guiding vision, both ecclesiastically and politically, was that of a Protestant church firmly…


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Author(s): Greschat, Martin
[English Version] Stoecker, Adolf (12.12.1835 Halberstadt – 7.2.1909 Bozen-Gries). Der ev. Pfarrer und Politiker wirkte zunächst in den Gemeinden Seggerde (1863), Hamersleben (1866) und als Divisionspfarrer in Metz (1871), bevor er 1874 als vierter Hof- und Domprediger nach Berlin kam. Das kirchl. und polit. Leitbild des rhetorisch und publizistisch begabten, von der Erweckungsbewegung beeinflußten Mannes bildete eine fest im Volk verwurzelte, dem Staat gegenüber selbständige ev. Kirche, die als ko…

Modern Church History

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Author(s): Greschat, Martin | Brauer, Gerald C. | Thon, Nikolaus
1. Europe 1.1. Seventeenth Century The Thirty Years’ War (1618–48), which ultimately became a struggle for hegemony in Europe on German soil, also formed the apogee of the period of confessionalism (Denomination 4) and its many crises. The Peace of Westphalia (1648) at once gave modern Europe its basic law (F. Dickmann) and the new era a new outlook. A period of greater stability was created, resting on greater rationality in both foreign and domestic affairs and resulting in more power for absolute …