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Geography of Religion

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Author(s): Henkel, Reinhard
1. The geography of religion may be variously viewed as a department in religious studies (G. Lanczkowski), a branch of cultural geography (H.-G. Zimpel; Culture), or an interdisciplinary field involving geography and religious studies (M. Büttner). Most broadly, its concern is with the relations between religions and space, or landscapes. 2. Up to the Enlightenment, geography (like most other disciplines) was put in the service of theology and had the task of giving academic support to God’s world sovereignty. Theologian B. Keckermann (1571–160…


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Author(s): Henkel, Reinhard
1. General Situation The Republic of Zambia, the former British protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, is a country in the interior of southern Africa. Small farming and copper mines are its economic basis. The latter have given it what is for Africa a high urban population (44 percent in 2006). In 1964, under the leadership of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and its president, Kenneth D. Kaunda, Zambia achieved independence. A one-party system followed up to 1991, when Frederick Chiluba of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy succe…


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Author(s): Henkel, Reinhard
[English Version] Sambia, Land im südlichen Afrika. Der Name ist abgeleitet vom Fluß Sambesi, dem südlichen Grenzfluß zu Simbabwe. Bereits ab etwa 1890 unter brit. Einfluß, wurde es 1924 unter dem Namen Nordrhodesien brit. Protektorat. 1964 erhielt es unter der Führung des ehem. Missionsschülers Kenneth D. Kaunda die Unabhängigkeit. Mit 752 614 km 2 und 10,8 Mio. Einwohnern (2003) ist S. ein mittelgroßes afrikanisches Land. Die meisten Teile des Landes sind 1000–1500 m hoch gelegen. Es hat tropisch-wechselfeuchtes Klima. Neben der Landwirtschaf…


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Author(s): Henkel, Reinhard
[German Version] Zambia, a country in southern Africa. The name comes from the Zambesi river that marks the southern frontier with Zimbabwe. Under British influence from c. 1890, in 1924 it became a British protectorate under the name of Northern Rhodesia. It became independent in 1964 under the leadership of the former mission pupil Kenneth D. Kaunda. With an area of 752,614 km2 and 10.8 million inhabitants (2003), Zambia is a medium-sized African country. Most of the country is between 1,000 and 1,500 m above sea level. It has a tropical climate with alt…