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Author(s): Grünschloß, Andreas | Schulz, Heiko | Kaiser, Otto | Hooker, Morna D. | Jüngel, Eberhard | Et al.
[German Version] I. Terminology – II. Old Testament – III. New Testament – IV. Systematic Theology – V. Practical Theology – VI. Judaism – VII. Islam I. Terminology 1. Religious Studies a. As an emic linguistic term, “faith” is found not only in the context of the Christian West (cf. fides, foi, Glaube, etc.), but also in other religious traditions. The Sanskrit term śraddhā (cf. Pāli saddhā; Avestan zrazdā-) seems to represent an Indo-European etymological pendant to Lat. credo, as demonstrated by the possible reconstruction of Indo-Germanic * k'red-dhē-, “set one's heart o…

Manson, Thomas Walter

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Author(s): Hooker, Morna D.
[German Version] (Jul 22, 1898, North Shields, Northumberland – May 1, 1958, Milnthorpe), New Testament scholar and Presbyterian minister. After an education at the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge and working as pastor, Manson became a lecturer at Mansfield College, Oxford, in 1932 and was professor of biblical exegesis at the University of Manchester from 1936 to 1958. In 1953 he worked as a moderator of the Presbyterian Church of England. He co-founded the Societas Novi Testamenti Studioru…