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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[English Version] Paton, John Gibson (24.5.1824 Kirkmahoe, Schottland – 28.1.1907 Canterbury, Victoria, Australien), Missionar der Presbyterianer, Politiker und Sozialreformer. Zunächst Lehrer und Stadtmissionar in Glasgow, wurde P. nach Ausbildung an der Universität Glasgow und der Reformed Presbyterian Divinity Hall, Paisley, 1858 Missionar auf den Neuen Hebriden (heute Vanuatu). Seine Vertreibung aus Port Resolution, Tanna, durch die lokale Bevölkerung beantwortete P. 1862 mit einer international…


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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[English Version] Polding, John Bede (18.10.1794 Liverpool – 16.3.1877 Sydney), kath. Gründungsbischof und erster Erzbf. von Sydney. Ausbildung in Acton Burnell bei Shrewsbury, Eintritt in den Benediktinerorden, Apostolischer Vikar von Madras, Indien. 1834 erhielt P. das neugegründete Vikariat von New South Wales, das zu dieser Zeit den gesamten australischen Kontinent (Australien) umfaßte. Als P. im Jahr darauf in Sydney ankam, bestand das geistl. Personal der dortigen kath. Kirche lediglich aus vi…

Dowling, Henry

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Nov 30, 1780, near Bath, England – Mar 29, 1869, Tasmania, Australia). Tasmanian Baptist minister. From 1793 a sailor with the East India Company, Dowling was influenced by William Huntingdon and Samuel Eyles Pierce to accept Christ and associate with the London Itinerant Society. After preaching and pastoring with the Countess of Huntingdon Connexion (S.H. Hunt…

Deck, John Northcote, and Norman Cathcart

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] John Northcote (Mar 12, 1875, London – May 10, 1957, Toronto) and Norman Cathcart (1882 – Aug 31, 1980) were brothers from a large missionary family belonging to the Bohemian and Moravian Brethren, which contributed significantly to the South Seas Evangelical Mission (also known as the Deck Mission) and the evangelization of the Pacific. N…

Burgmann, Ernest Henry

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (May 9, 1885, near Taree, New South Wales, Australia – Mar 14, 1967, Canberra), Anglican bishop, social reformer and one of Anglicanism's most influential thinkers. As bishop of Goulburn (1934–1967) Burgmann championed Christian social and labor concerns and devoted himself to popular education. He helped frame the UN Declaration of Human Rights. From his vision for an Australian Anglican university grew St. John's College in Morpeth and St. Mark's National Seminary in Canberra. Mark Hutchinson Bibliography P. Hempenstall, The Meddlesome Priest, 1993.

Marsden, Samuel

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Jun 25, 1765, Bogly, England – May 12, 1838, Windsor, New South Wales, Australia), clergyman, agriculturist, and missionary leader. Marsden received an Anglican college education at Hull and Cambridge with the support of the Evangelical Elland Society (W. Wilberforce), which sent him to Australia in 1793 as second chaplain for the colony of New South Wales. The society considered the colony a potential base for the conversion not only of the convicts shipped to Australia but of t…

McGowan, Robert John Henry

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Aug 25, 1870, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia – Jan 14, 1953, Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia), Presbyterian minister. Educated at Ormond College in Melbourne and ordained in 1899, McGowan was influenced by the revival movement initiated by John MacNeil and Reuben Torrey. During his pastorate in Ashfield (1907–1949) McGowan built up the congregation there to become the largest in the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales and became a principal activist in the support of missi…

Lang, John Dunmore

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Aug 25, 1799, Grennock, Inverclyde, Scotland – Aug 8, 1878, Sydney, Australia), Presbyterian minister, politician, educationalist, and propagandist. The first Presbyterian to the mainland of Australia (moving to Sydney in 1823), Lang helped local independent churches adapt to Presbyterian structures and link with the Established Church of Scotland. Evangelical, energetic if troublesome, Lang was responsible for the migration of most of the first generation of Australian Presbyter…

Lancaster, Sarah Jane

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Jun 3, 1858, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia – Mar 6, 1934, Melbourne) was a Pentecostal evangelist. Lancaster was initially a school ¶ teacher and Methodist, influenced by international holiness literature, particularly reports of the Sunderland revival (1907). Lancaster experienced baptism in the Holy Spirit and healings in 1908, and in 1909 she established the Good News Hall (GNH), Australia's first permanent Pentecostal congregation. Pentecostal leaders (Pentecostalism) such as William Sloan, W…

Draper, Daniel James

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Aug 28, 1810, Wickham, England – Jan 11, 1866), Wesleyan Methodist minister. A carpenter by trade, in 1830 he joined a Methodist chapel, became a lay preacher, and, upon a call to Australia, proceeded to ordination in Southwark Chapel (1835). He worked first in Parramatta (1836), before moving to Bathurst (1840), Sydney (1842), Adelaide (1846) and finally in 1855 became Chairman of the Victoria District. He helped found Wesley College in Melbourne ¶ and served (1859) as president of the Australian Wesleyan Methodist Conference.…

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (IFES). The IFES is an interdenominational evangelical fellowship uniting national networks of university Christian Unions. It emerged out of the formalization of links between Norwegian (Norges Kristelige Studentlag) and British (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, IVF) evangelical university missions. Robert Wilder (formally Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Mission, SVM), H.W. Guinness, and Douglas Johnson (IVF) and Ole Hallesby (Norges Kristelige Studentlag Skoleungdomslag…

Flynn, John

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Nov 25, 1880, Moliagul, Australia – May 5, 1951, Sydney), son of a schoolteacher, attended University High School in Carlton and became a state schoolteacher in Victoria. Already entrusted with mission rural missions, Flynn trained for the Presbyterian ministry. His successful text, Bushman's Companion (1910), made Christianity relevant to land workers in the shearers' camps. His impressions of the vast Smith of Dunesk Mission (1911), which he conveyed to the Presbyterian Church in Australia, led to the founding of the Au…

Polding, John Bede

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Oct 18, 1794, Liverpool, UK – Mar 16, 1877, Sydney, Australia), foundation Catholic bishop and the first archbishop of Sydney. Educated at Acton Burnell near Shrewsbury, he took Benedictine orders and was selected as vicar apostolic of Madras, India. In 1834 Polding was consecrated to the newly established vicariate of New South Wales, which then covered the entire continent of Australia. When Polding arrived in Sydney the next year, the Catholic church had a workforce of only fo…

Guinness, Howard Wyndham

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Nov 22, 1903, London – Jul 28, 1979, Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia) came from a family of noted Irish Brethren evangelists (Plymouth Brethren). Guinness trained in medicine, but never practiced, spending his life rather in missions to school children and university students around the world. He was a co-founder of the London Inter-Faculty Christian Union (LIFCU) and InterVarsity Fellowship (IVF). Sent to Canada in 1928, he worked among the remnants of the Student Vo…

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (IVF) is a worldwide evangelical Christian student movement, which emerged out of the British biblicist reaction to the ecumenical Student Christian movement. Formed in 1928 by three evangelical leaders, H.W. Guinness, Douglas Johnson, and Hugh Gough, and influenced by medical and faith missions, the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU), the Plymouth Brethren, and the Keswick Movement, the IVF formalized existing inter-university evangelical union links, which had be…

Nash, Clifford Harris

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Dec 16, 1866, London, UK – Sep 27, 1958, Melbourne, Australia), Anglican minister and evangelical leader. After his education at Oundle School and the University of Cambridge, Nash was influenced by the school of B.F. Westcott, Handley Carr Glynn Moule and others, towards a middle-of-the-road conservative evangelicalism. His activities included teaching and preaching in: Musselburgh; Huddersfield, Yorkshire; Sydney (among others Church Hill, Redfern) from 1897; Melbourne (St. Col…

Perry, Charles

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (1807, London – Dec 2, 1891, Cambridge), founding Anglican bishop of Melbourne. Perry studied in Cambridge, and was ordained in 1836. On the advice of Henry Venn, secretary of the Church Missionary Society, Perry was elevated as bishop of Melbourne on Jun 29, 1847, and arrived in Melbourne (population 43,000) on Jan 23, 1848. The gold rushes made Melbourne the financial capital of Australia. Perry supported the Gorham view on baptismal renewal, in opposition to the High Church (Hi…

Mowll, Howard West Kilvinton

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Feb 2, 1890, Dover – Oct 24, 1958, Sydney), Anglican missionary and bishop. After studies at King's College, Cambridge, he was ordained deacon for colonial service in 1913; he served as deacon at Wycliffe College, Toronto, until 1922, when he became assistant bishop of West China. In 1933 he was elected archbishop of Sydney, where his opposition to liberal modernism made him very popular. He succeeded in raising Moore Theological College under Thomas Chatterton Hammond to the lev…

Borneo Evangelical Mission

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] Founded in 1928, the Borneo Evangelical Mission became one of Australia's most important indigenous faith missions. Influenced by J.H. Taylor and the China Inland Mission, Borneo Evangelical Mission was foundational for the creation of the national Evangelical Church of Borneo and the evangelization of large parts of the country (Indonesia: I, 1). By the late 1970s it was widening its operations from Borneo into Asia. Mark Hutchinson Bibliography D. Paproth, Failure is not Final, 1997 D. Shearer & M. Tigan, “Australians and the Indigenous …

Fitchett, William Henry

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Author(s): Hutchinson, Mark
[German Version] (Aug 9, 1841, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England – May 26, 1928, Kew, Victoria, Australia) migrated to Geelong, Australia, in 1849. The limited education which Fitchett had received as a child, he supplemented by wide reading and so worked his way into the Methodist ministry (Methodists) in 1866 and took his B.A. at the University of Melbourne in 1872. Fitchett was the first president of the prestigious Methodist Ladies College, Kew (1882) and president of the Wesleyan Methodist Conf…
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