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Author(s): Ignacio Rodriguez Alfageme
Abstract Prosody is the study of phenomena related to intonation and rhythm in natural language, and to how it affects consonants and vowels when they are packaged into larger groups like syllables and feet. Prosody (Gr. prosōidía, Lat. accentus) is the study of all phenomena related to intonation and rhythm in language; as such, it includes foot and syllable structure, accent, and phrasal intonation. We have no direct information at all about Greek phrasal intonation (Allen 1987:128-129), and the evidence for accentuation is comple…
Date: 2014-01-22

Vendryes’ Law

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Author(s): Ignacio Rodriguez Alfageme
Abstract The term ‘Vendryes’ Law’ refers to the retraction of accent from a long penult ( egôge ‘I at least’) to a short antepenult ( égōge) in Attic and Koine. Also known as the “law of properispomena in Attic” or “law égōge”, the original formulation of Vendryes’ Law is that “all properispomena with a short antepenultimate syllable became in Attic proparoxytone” (Vendryes 1905:221). Generally, we can say that this law is a manifestation of the tendency, present also in Wheeler’s Law and the Sōtêra rule, to retract the accent as far back as possible. Schematically, the change…
Date: 2014-01-22