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Šāwi Arabic

(6,519 words)

Author(s): Igor Younes | Bruno Herin
  1. Introduction The term Šāwi may refer to various unrelated groups, such as one of the Berber varieties spoken in Algeria, the sheep-breeder Bedouins of inner Oman, as well as the sheep-breeder Bedouins of the Syro-Mesopotamian area. The root š-w-y also appears in the ethnonym Šuwa, which refers to some Arabic-speaking populations around the Lake Chad. The present entry only deals with the sheep-breeder Bedouins of Syro-Mesopotamia. Mostly sedentarized, the Šiwāya (plural of Šāwi) tribes are known for their way of living, mainly based on sheep herding, alth…
Date: 2018-04-01