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Seneca Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca the Elder)

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
b. ca. 55 BC in Corduba; d. no later than AD 41; Roman rhetor; father of the philosopher Seneca [2] the Younger. Works Rhetorical textbook including: collection of legal cases, dicta, model, and practice speeches (declamations). Manuscripts There are two traditions of the manuscript transmission, namely: (1) Antverpiensis, Bruxellensis, and Vaticanus, which are all based on a single common manuscript, now lost; and (2) the Codex Montepessulanus, which is the most important of approximately 90 manuscripts that transmit excerpts from the Controversiae, and to some extent compl…

Sallustius Crispus, Gaius (Sallust)

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
b. 86 BC in Amiternum; d. 35 or 34 BC in Rome; Roman historiographer. Works Two historical monographs ( Bellum Catilinae, Bellum Iugurthinum), and the annalistic Historiae (probably spurious); invective against Cicero ; letters to Caesar . Papyri Papyrus fragments exist from the historical works. The oldest papyrus contains a fragment of the Historiae, and dates back to the 2nd/3rd cent. BC. Manuscripts More than 500 manuscripts containing the historical monographs are extant. They are divided into two main classes: the Mutili, which is the better class, but does not include Iug. 103,…

Seneca Lucius Annaeus (Seneca the Younger)

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
b. ca. 4 BC in Corduba; d. AD 65 in Rome; Roman philosopher, educator and adviser to emperor Nero [1]. Works Philosophical prose works (letters, dialogues, treatise on natural philosophy); tragedies of mythological content (dating uncertain). Manuscripts The manuscript transmission is divided into the following groups: minor dialogues ( Dial. 1–12, see below); De clementia, and De beneficiis; tragedies; Apocolocyntosis; Naturales Quaestiones; and letters. For the minor dialogues, by far the most important manuscript is Codex Ambrosianus. For De clementia and De beneficiis, th…

Troy, Romance of: Dictys Cretensis and Dares Phrygius

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
Two fictitious authors of Greek pseudepigrapha (‘eyewitness accounts’ of the Trojan War). Works Latin versions of the fictitious Greek eyewitness accounts; the dating of the translations, and the identity of the translators are not known or controversial; in the case of Dares, the existence of a Greek orig. is not confirmed. Papyri Two papyrus fragments of the Greek orig. of Dictys are extant. Manuscripts Some manuscripts transmit the texts of both Dares and Dictys, others transmit only one. For both authors, there seem to be two manuscript families, but a s…

Seneca [2] minor (Lucius Annaeus Seneca/Seneca d.J.)

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
geb. um 4 v.Chr. in Corduba;gest. 65 n.Chr. in Rom;röm. Philosoph; Erzieher und Berater des Kaisers Nero [1]. Werke Philosophische Prosaschriften (Briefe, Dialoge, naturphilosophische Abhandlung); Tragödien mit mythologischem Inhalt (Datierung unsicher). Handschriften Die Handschriften-Überlieferung ist in folgende Gruppen aufgeteilt: Die kleinen Dialoge ( Dial. 1–12, s.u.); De clementia und De beneficiis; die Tragödien; die Apocolocyntosis; die Naturales Quaestiones; die Briefe. Für die kleinen Dialoge ist der Cod. Ambrosianus die bei weiten wichtigs…

Seneca [1] maior (Lucius Annaeus Seneca/Seneca d.Ä.)

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Author(s): Jahn, Stefanie
geb. um 55 v.Chr. in Corduba;gest. spätestens 41 n.Chr.;röm. Rhetor; Vater des Philosophen → Seneca [2] d.J. Werke Rhetorisches Lehrbuch: Sammlung von Rechtsfällen, Aussprüchen, Beispiel- und Übungsreden (Deklamationen). Handschriften Es existieren zwei Traditionen: (1) Antverpiensis, Bruxellensis, Vaticanus gehen auf eine gemeinsame, verlorene Handschrift zurück; (2) der Codex Montepessulanus ist die wichtigste von etwa 90 Handschriften, die Exzerpte aus den Controversiae überliefern und das in der anderen Handschriftentradition Fehlende teilweise ergänzen. Editi…