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Perception and Production of Chinese Sounds by Non-native Speakers

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Author(s): Bin LI | Jing SHAO
1. Perception 1.1 Perception of lexical tones There are four lexical tones in Mandarin. Tone 1 ( ā) is high level, Tone 2 ( á) low rising, Tone 3 ( ǎ) mid-falling and rising, and Tone 4 ( à) high falling. The major consensus of findings on Mandarin tone perception is that native tonal backgrounds help their speakers outperform those whose L1s are non-tonal, e.g., Cantonese speakers did much better than English speakers in discriminating Mandarin tone pairs (Y.-S. Lee et al. 1996). However, a tonal L1 seemed more interfering than facilitating for early bilingual speakers of H…
Date: 2017-03-02