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Personal Pronouns

(4,047 words)

Author(s): Joanna SIO
1. Introduction This paper discusses the forms and usages of personal pronouns across Chinese dialects. We will provide a brief overview on the diachronic development of pronouns, forms of pronouns across modern dialects, and usages of pronouns in Mandarin and Cantonese. 2. Diachronic Development The discussion in this section is mainly taken from Pulleyblank (1995) and Norman (1988). 2.1 First-person There are two series of first-person pronouns in Classical Chinese: 1. Initial *l- in Old Chinese: 余, 予, 台 and zhèn 朕; 2. Initial *ŋ- in Old Chinese: 吾, 我, áng 卬.   (Pulleyblank …
Date: 2017-03-02


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Author(s): Joanna SIO
Introduction This article provides an overview of the forms and usages of demonstratives across varieties of Chinese. Linguistic studies on Chinese dialects are highly lopsided. Most studies have been done on Mandarin and to a lesser extent Cantonese; studies on other dialects are relatively sketchy. This overview inevitably reflects the imbalance in the published literature. Discussion of Mandarin demonstratives will be richer than for the other dialects. We will start by discussing demonstratives in Classical Chinese, followed by discussions of their forms an…
Date: 2017-03-02