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Fāngyán 方言

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Author(s): Johann-Mattis LIST
The Fāngyán 方言 ('Dialect[s]' or 'Topolect[s]'), usually attributed to Yáng Xióng 揚雄 (53 BCE–18 CE), a famous 賦-poet and philosopher, is a collection of dialectal and regional (including non-sinitic) expressions compiled during the end of the Western Hàn period (206 BCE–9 CE, Norman 1988:185). It is the first attested study on linguistic geography and dialectology in China, possibly even worldwide (Wáng Lì 1980 [2006]:17, Lǐ Shùháo 2004:1). Published under the baroque title “Dialectal Expressions from Foreign …
Date: 1899-12-30


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Author(s): Johann-Mattis LIST
Contraction refers to phonological processes by which a sequence of sounds that constitutes one or more words is reduced or fused (Trask 1996:92). The reduction may be accompanied by additional changes of the sound segments; these changes usually belong to the family of lenition processes (Kuo 2010; Bauer 1988). From the perspective of the process itself, contraction in Chinese does not differ notably from contraction in other languages. In a similar way in which Latin atque 'and also' can be reduced to ac, Classical Chinese zhīyú 之於 'this at' can be reduced to zhū 諸 (Mandarin character…
Date: 2017-03-02