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Eternity - Theological

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Author(s): Joseph de Finance
Part of Eternity: 1. Biblical 2. Theological 1. General concept. If one discounts the vague scriptural use of “eternity” to indicate “a very long duration”, one Can distinguish in general three uses of this concept:a) eternity as unlimited time, which is the way in which the unreflecting mind represents the eternity of God. Yet one also finds this meaning given to it by philosophers (Descartes, Lequier); it represents a constant temptation for philosophical thought, b) Eternity as timelessness (the etern…


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Author(s): Joseph de Finance
1. The notion of value. In contemporary philosophy, value is defined as: that which is, or makes something, desirable, attractive, worthy of approval, admiration, etc.; that which inspires feelings, judgments or attitudes of esteem, commendation; that which is useful in view of certain ends. Value cannot, it seems, be completely identified with the “good” of classical (and scholastic) philosophy, whether taken materially ( bonum) or formally ( bonitas). On the one hand, it always implies a relationship to man (or to the spiritual subject in general), while the …