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Author(s): Jullien, Florence
East Syrian monk (7th century CE); the monastery he founded in Ḵuzestān, in the mountains of Šuštar, exercised noteworthy influence on monastic practice in the Persian Gulf area and Fārs, as well as Beth Huzāye, during the 7th century. RABBAN ŠĀPUR, East Syrian monk (7th century CE).The main source concerning Rabban Šāpur is the Chronicle of Seert (LIV, Scher, 1919, II/2, pp. 459 [139]-461 [141]; see Chabot, 1896, p. 30, no. 55; Gismondi, 1897, p. 57-58). We learn the name of Šāpur’s village in Beth Huzāye (see AHVAZ i. HISTORY) was Ad-Dolāb. After c…
Date: 2022-02-17