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Xīníng 西寧, The Language of

(3,058 words)

Author(s): Keith DEDE
Urban Xīníng 西寧 lies at the confluence of the Huáng (Huángshuǐ 湟水) and Dàtōng (Dàtōng hé 大通河) rivers in northeastern Qīnghǎi Province, but the metropolitan area includes Dàtōng Huí and Tǔ Autonomous County (大通回族土族自治縣), Huángzhōng County (湟中縣) and Huángyuán County (湟源縣). The 2010 Census counts more than two million people living in metropolitan Xīníng, the largest ethnic groups being Hàn 漢 74%, Huí 回 16%, Tibetan 5.5% and Monguor (Tǔ 土) 2.6%, with smaller numbers Mongolian, Salar and other ethnicities (Xīníng Government website:, acc…
Date: 2017-03-02

Mixed Languages

(2,921 words)

Author(s): Keith DEDE
Following Winford (2003:169) mixed languages, also known as "bilingual mixed languages" or "intertwined languages", are bilingual mixtures that result in an independent language which is not mutually intelligible with its source languages. A mixed language is the native language of the community that uses it. Mixed languages evolve out of two-language contact situations where there is widespread bilingualism within at least one of the two source communities. The grammatical and lexical component…
Date: 2017-03-02