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Author(s): Klöckener, Martin (Fribourg)
[German version] The terms sacramentarium and sacramentorum liber etc. refer to a type of Christian liturgical book that developed in Late Antiquity, made up of

Liturgical manuscripts

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Author(s): Klöckener, Martin (Fribourg)
[German version] A. Typology Liturgical manuscripts (LM) are the codices used as aids, sources and bearers of tradition for the Christian church service in its differentiated forms. The most important types are: 1. Collections of prayers for the liturgy, especially the celebration of the Eucharist. While the Christians of the earliest period were conversant with the improvized prayer of the presider with fixed structures and themes, written formulas become available from the 3rd cent. that lead from the North African councils…


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Author(s): Ego, Beate (Osnabrück) | Klöckener, Martin (Fribourg)
[German version] I. Old Testament, Judaism The Book of Psalms (from Greek ψαλμός/ psalmós for the Hebrew mizmōr, 'string playing'; Lat. psalmus; title found in the heading of 57 psalms; Hebrew tehilı̄m, 'songs of praise'), also called the Psalter (cf. ψαλτήριον/ psaltḗrion as a title in the Codex Alexandrinus, 5th cent.) contains 150 individual songs and in the Jewish tradition belongs to the third portion of the canon, the so-called Ketuḇīm ('Writings'); in the Christian tradition the Psalms precede the prophetic writings. The Septuagint, unlike the Masoretic te…