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Author(s): Klaschka, Siegfried
China's first radio station went on air in Shanghai for a short time in 1922. From the following year, radio stations with regular programs were established. They were under foreign control and aired programs in foreign languages, especially in English. In 1926 Radio Harbin was the first Chinese-operated, Chinese-language station that began broadcasting. In 1928 the Guomindang (GMD) established the Central Broadcasting Agency (Z hongyang guangbo diantai) in Nanjing, which aired news and propaganda in the larger cities of China. In the following years, the GMD …


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Author(s): Klaschka, Siegfried
1.The Press in Traditional China The first printed newspaper in history appeared during the Northern Song dynasty. It bore the title Di Bao ( Court Report), and was the official organ of the Song administration. It served to inform officials and to facilitate communication between central administration and the bureaucracy in the capital and provinces. Di Bao appeared daily, and reached a circulation of several thousand. It contained reports on ceremonial activities of the ruler and Imperial audiences, as well as reproducing edicts and informing read…


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Author(s): Klaschka, Siegfried
From the mid-1950s, the People's Republic of China began constructing a television network with the aid of Soviet technicians, and in May 1958, Beijing TV broadcast the first test programs. Soon after that, 15 stations were established in the larger cities and began broadcasting the first regular programs. Since the early 1960s, television broadcasting has steadily expanded. The introduction of color television, based on the German PAL system, began in 1973, and since the mid-1980s all stations have been able to transmit programs in color. Broadcasting capacities were expanded d…