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5.4 Septuagint (Samuel)

(8,725 words)

Author(s): Kreuzer, Siegfried
Part of 5 Samuel–Kings 5.4.1 Background ScopeIn the Septuagint tradition (, 1 …
Date: 2020-03-17

2.3.2 The Aldine Edition of the Septuagint and its Derivative Editions

(6,021 words)

Author(s): Kreuzer, Siegfried
Part of 2 Modern Printed Editions of the Jewish Bible and its Christian Versions - 2.3 Editions of the Septuagint and Related Greek VersionsThe Aldine is the first printed edition of the Septuagint (I. Today the Aldina/Aldine stands in the shadow of the Sixtina (2.3.3;, however, it was the most important edition of the Septuagint in the sixteenth century. It was used by Bible translators througho…
Date: 2023-11-21

5.5 Septuagint (Kings)

(2,692 words)

Author(s): Kreuzer, Siegfried
Part of 5 Samuel–Kings 5.5.1 Background1–2 Kings is in many regards closely related to 1–2 Samuel…
Date: 2020-03-17

Ark of YHWH

(1,446 words)

Author(s): Kreuzer, Siegfried
[German Version] אֳרוֹן/ ʾarôn, “ark” (in current English usage, more properly, “chest”) designates in Gen 50:26 the casket of Joseph and in 2 Kgs 12:10f./2 Chr 24:8, 10f. a collection box with lid. In all the remaining 200 or so passages in the OT, it is a cultic object constructed at Sinai according to Exod 25:10–22; 37:1–9 (P), which was brought along during…

Confession (of Faith)

(12,201 words)

Author(s): Bochinger, Christoph | Kreuzer, Siegfried | Reumann, John | Staats, Reinhart | Holze, Heinrich | Et al.
[German Version] I. History of Religions – II. Bible – III. Church History – IV. Systematics – V. Practical Theology – VI. Law – VII. Judaism – VIII. Islam I. History of Religions The term confession refers to various phenomena, including the confession of faith and of sin. A confession of faith can be understood as an officially sanctioned, formulaic summary of the central doctrines of a religious or a confessional community (“denomination”). Recited in cultic procedures and/or in everyday …