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Heavenly Voice

(387 words)

Author(s): Kuhn, Peter
[German Version] ( Bat Qol). Voices of revelation are quite common in ancient Judaism: in the pseudepigrapha and in apocalypticism, in the “Rewritten Bible” ( Jub., LAB), and in the Judeo-Hellenistic authors. In rabbinic literature, the heavenly voice attains particular significance since it appears in the technical term bat qol ¶ (origins unexplained; Targumic Aramaic berat qala) in a total of approx. 127 tradition complexes. According to t. Soṭah XIII 3f. parr., as a mediator of revelation it is a substitute for the Holy Spirit of prophecy, although of lesser quality ( b. Yoma 9b; Pesiq…


(3,175 words)

Author(s): Alles, Gregory D. | Janowski, Bernd | Bayer, Oswald | Baldermann, Ingo | Kuhn, Peter
[German Version] Lament I. Religious Studies – II. Bible – III. Systematic Theology – IV. Practical Theology – V. Judaism I. Religious Studies Lament has its roots in human experience; it gives voice to suffering and mourning, in ritual, poetic, or informal form. Its end is not theoretical, like theodicy, but practical: people react to the experience of situations perceived as mentally, physically or socially painful and process these experiences individually or collectively. The prototypical occasion for mournin…


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Author(s): Figl, Johann | Schwöbel, Christoph | Kaiser, Otto | Bockmuehl, Markus | Werbick, Jürgen | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies 1. Concept. The word revelation echoes the Greek ἀποκάλυψις/ apokálypsis (“uncovering”), which was translated into Latin as revelatio and then borrowed into most European languages. The literal meaning already indicates that revelation involves a reality, content, more specifically a message hidden from mortals. Revelation is important: it is relevant religious knowledge necessary for salvation, for finding meaning, and for dealing with everyday life. It is knowledge that peo-¶ ple do not already possess by nature, and their reli…