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Author(s): Laasonen, Pentti
[German Version] 1. Johannes (the Elder; Feb 3, 1615, Romfartuna, Sweden – Jan 20, 1690, Turku, Finland). Gezelius was professor of Hebrew and Greek at Dorpat University 1641–1649, superintendent in Livonia 1660–1664, and bishop of Turku (Åbo) 1664–1690. In Livonia, Gezelius became acquainted with J.A. Comenius's pedagogy and applied it to the Finnish school system. He published many of Comenius's writings for use in schools. Most important among his own extensive writings are his book of school regulations Methodus informandi, an encyclopedia, and a casual theology. In ad…

Laestadius, Lars Levi

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Author(s): Laasonen, Pentti
[German Version] (Jan 10, 1800, Piteå, Sweden – Feb 21, 1861, Pajala). From 1825 to 1848, Laestadius served as pastor in Karesuando, a village in northern Sweden where most of the people spoke Finnish or Northern Sami; from 1826 to 1849, he served as pastor in Pajala. There he began a vigorous campaign against ¶ the widespread alcoholism in Sámpi. He was a strict preacher of repentance, who attacked “whoremongers and drunkards,” but he was also an elegant pulpit orator, employing nuanced verbal imagery. Having experienced a conversion in Pajala, in …