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Bibliothecae (Hispanic)

(630 words)

Author(s): Laird, Andrew
¶ The Bibliotheca universalis (1545) by the Swiss scholar and zoologist Conrad Gessner was the first attempt to provide a catalogue in Latin of the authors of all known printed books in Latin, Greek, and…

New World: Epic Writing

(1,150 words)

Author(s): Laird, Andrew
¶ Prominent European epics addressing New World themes or phenomena include the Syphilis sive Morbus Gallicus (1530) by the Veronese physician and humanist Girolamo Fracastoro, Abraham Cowley’s Plantarum libri (1662), and Jacque…

Controversy of the Indies

(850 words)

Author(s): Laird, Andrew
¶ The Renaissance debates about the justifications for the conquest of the New World and about the rights of the Indians, which came to a head in the ‘Controversy of the Indies’ in Valladolid, Spain, i…

Indigenous American Latinists

(1,046 words)

Author(s): Laird, Andrew
¶ The Franciscans’ initiative of teaching Latin to native students in the New World began in 1513 with the education of Taino children on the island of Hispaniola by Hernándo Suárez, and later Achilles…

Latin in Latin America

(7,638 words)

Author(s): Laird, Andrew
¶ The name ‘Latin America’ has been used since the end of the nineteenth century to designate the regions of the Americas in which the ‘Latin languages’ of Spain and Portugal are spoken, as a consequen…

Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

(23,159 words)

Author(s): Polleichtner, Wolfgang | Binder, Gerhard | Laird, Andrew
A. Author and work Relatively little in the biography of Publius Vergilius Maro (‘Virgil’, ‘Vergil’) is truly reliable. The following is more or less known. V. was born at Andes, near Mantua, on 15 October 70 BC. He died on 21 September 19 BC at Brundisium. His family was not of high social status. When he died, V.’s estate was of the scale befitting the Roman equestrian class. He was buried at Naples. While the names Vergilius and Maro indicate Etruscan origins, V. may have had relatives among the Oscan-speaking populace, via his mother Magia (or Maia). V. wrote his Eclogues ( Bucolica; see bel…

Vergil (Publius Vergilius Maro)

(21,918 words)

Author(s): Polleichtner, Wolfgang | Binder, Gerhard | Laird, Andrew
A. Autor und Werk B. Bucolica (Eklogen) C. Georgica D. Aeneis A. Autor und Werk Aus den biographischen Nachrichten über Publius Vergilius Maro sind nur relativ wenige Informationen wirklich zuverlässig. Wir wissen etwa Folgendes: Am 15.10.70 v.Chr. wurde Vergil in Andes bei Mantua geboren. Am 21.9.19 v.Chr. starb er in Brundisium. Die Familie war sozial nicht hochstehend. Als V. starb, entsprach sein Vermögen dem eines Ritters der röm. Gesellschaft. Er wurde bei Neapel bestattet. Während die Namen Vergilius un…