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Author(s): Liess, Kathrin
[German Version] The word סֶלָה/ selāh occurs in 39 psalms and in Habakkuk (three times), a total of about 70 times; it appears three times in several psalms (including Pss 3 and 32) and four times in Ps 89. Its meaning has not been explained conclusively. Its etymology from סלל/ sll, “heap up, lift,” has suggested two meanings: (1) a musical term (“lifting the voice”), denoting a pause or repetition or referring to an “interlude” (cf. LXX διάψαλμα/ diápsalma; Kraus, 23f.); (2) a graphical term (“heap up a ramp,” “leave a road [a line] free”) used as a scribal direction (cf. Masor. parashah [Per…


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Author(s): Grünschloß, Andreas | Liess, Kathrin | Zumstein, Jean | Sparn, Walter | Gander, Hans-Helmuth | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies – II. Bible – III. Fundamental Theology and Dogmatics – IV. Philosophy – V. Philosophy of Religion – VI. Natural Sciences – VII. Ethics I. Religious Studies Religious ideas and rituals focus fundamentally on life in this world and the next (Here and now, and the hereafter), i.e., coping with life and death (I). Through an immense range of variations, certain returning elements are discernible. Because of its numinous origin (Creation), life is usually felt to be “owed,” but because …


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Author(s): Heller, Birgit | Cancik, Hubert | Liess, Kathrin | Necker, Gerold | Goldberg, Sylvie-Anne | Et al.
[German Version] I. Religious Studies and History of Religions – II. Death and the Realm of the Dead in the Old Testament – III. Judaism – IV. New Testament – V. Philosophy – VI. Philosophy of Religion – VII. History of Dogma and Dogmatics – VIII. Ethics – IX. Practical Theology – X. Art – XI. Islam – XII. Buddhism – XIII. Hinduism I. Religious Studies and History of Religions 1. General Modern religious criticism regards religion as compensation for human anxiety in the face of death. …