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Author(s): Lisbet Christoffersen
I. Social Facts Greenland is located in the Arctic and is inhabited by 57,000 people. Probably 20,000 Greenlanders live abroad, most in Denmark. 95% are members of the Folkchurch. Small Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah’s Witness, and Bahá’í communities exist. Confirmation and baptism of children in the Folkchurch are central cultural-religious dimensions in society. In 2000, a new full translation of the Bible into Greenlandic appeared (the first being published in 1900); new rituals in Greenlandic were authorized in 2005 and a new hymnbook in 2008. Services are held in Greenlandic. II. H…

Faroe Islands

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Author(s): Lisbet Christoffersen
I. Social Facts The Faroe Islands are in the Atlantic Sea, north of Britain, west of Norway, and south of Iceland, with nearly 50,000 inhabitants, with 20,000 other Faroe Islanders living abroad. Of these, 83% are members of the Faroese Folkchurch, which is an Evangelical-Lutheran established church; 10% belong to the influential Plymouth Brethren, established in 1880 by Scottish missionaries (low-church, no baptism of small children); 3-5% belong to other Christian groups (Pentecostals, Adventists…


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Author(s): Lisbet Christoffersen
I. Social Facts Since the 1980s the Danish population has increased due to immigration, and has now reached 5.6 million people. Around 0.5 million people are immigrants from more than 200 different countries; more than 100,000 are descendants of immigrants. Among the immigrants, two thirds keep their original citizenship; among the descendants, two thirds change their citizenship to Danish. Thus the religious landscape in Denmark is changing. One generation ago, 97% of the population belonged to the Danish Evangelical Lutheran National Church (Folkekirk…