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Author(s): Müller-Jahncke, Wolf-Dieter
1. Concept and principles Early modern physicians who used the constellations in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy, called themselves  iatromathematici (from the Greek  iatrós, “physician”, and the Latin  mathematicus, “astronomer”, “astrologer”; hence also “astromedicine”). No distinction was made between astronomers and astrologers before the 17th century (Astronomy; Astrology), for both were concerned with observing the stars. The  astronomus undertook the calculation of their paths and relative positions, while the astrologus (often the same person) inter…
Date: 2019-10-14

Iatrochemistry (chymiatria)

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Author(s): Eckart, Wolfgang Uwe | Müller-Jahncke, Wolf-Dieter
1. Definition and basicsWhile the influence of iatroastrology, like that of iatromagic, waned after the 17th century, with the appearance of Paracelsus’ works beginning in 1560, the importance of chemistry as a cornerstone of the new concept of life increased (Paracelsism; Chemical sciences). The central assertion that all life processes are essentially chemical solidified into the intellectual system of iatrochemistry (from Greek  iatrós, “physician,” and neo-Latin ( al) chemía, “chemistry”; also called chemiatry and chymiatry) [7]; [3]; [6].The iatrochemistry of the …
Date: 2019-10-14