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Author(s): Malavasi, Giulio
Pelagius was probably born around 350 CE in Britain (Aug. Ep. 186.1; Marius Mercator, Commonitorium lectori adversum haeresim Pelagii et Caelestii vel etiam scripta Iuliani in ACO; Oros. Lib. apol. 12) or, less probably, in Ireland, according to Jerome ( Comm. Jer. 3, prologue 4). He is described by his adversaries as a robust and fat man (Oros. Lib. apol. 31; Jer. Comm. Jer. 1, prologue 4; 3, prologue 3), though the reliability of this description cannot be completely assured. Nonetheless, Augustine of Hippo recognized with respect his Christian fai…
Date: 2020-09-21


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Author(s): Malavasi, Giulio
The Pelagians are the followers of Pelagius, condemned as a heretic in the 5th century CE. This term, however, was not used by any followers of Pelagius, but by their adversaries, such as Jerome ( Ep. 154.3) and especially Augustine of Hippo. At the beginning of the Pelagian controversy, Augustine preferred to keep the anonymity of his adversaries, or to name some of them individually, never using the term Pelagian. For instance, in Augustine’s first anti-Pelagian treatise, De peccatorum meritis et remissione, only Pelagius is mentioned by name, but in a laudatory manner for…
Date: 2020-09-21