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Cairo Arabic

(6,134 words)

Author(s): Manfred Woidich
1. General Cairo Arabic, often simply called Egyptian Arabic, is the main linguistic vehicle used all over Egypt. Originally the dialect of the capital Cairo, it is being adopted by millions of speakers all over Egypt, in particular in urban areas, as a language of daily life. The number of native speakers is also several millions. The variety described here is spoken by the middle class as it is also commonly heard in the media (radio, television, movies). Owing to the cultural export of Egypt to other Arab countries, Cairo Arabic is widely understood in the whole Arab world. Cairo Arabic is…
Date: 2018-04-01

Bʿēri Arabic

(5,133 words)

Author(s): Manfred Woidich
1. General Bʿēri Arabic is a variety of Upper Egyptian Arabic spoken on the West Bank at Luxor between Gurnat Marʿi in the north and Armanṭ in the south in a region named ilBiʿeṛāt (see Ramzī 1963:164). The speakers make a living in agriculture and their number is unknown. They claim Bedouin descent from the historically well known Fazāṛa tribe (see Murray 1935:293f.) and call themselves afzaṛ or nās fuzuṛ. Their ancestors are said to have arrived in Upper Egypt from the west following the baʿaṛ ‘droppings’ of their camels, hence the region's name ilBiʿeṛāt. Table 1. Inventory of consonants bi…
Date: 2018-04-01