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Kāngxī zìdiǎn 康熙字典

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Author(s): Marc WINTER
The Kāngxī zìdiǎn 康熙字典 [Compendium of standard characters from the Kāngxī period] is a large-scale dictionary from the early Qīng dynasty, compiled under the auspices of the Kāngxī emperor (temple name Shèngzǔ 聖祖, 1661–1721), hence it is also referred to as the Yùdìng Kāngxī zìdiǎn 禦定康熙字典 [Imperially commissioned compendium of standard characters from the Kāngxī period]. It was compiled between 1710 and 1716, assembling dictionary information such as semantic definitions, pronunciation, character alternatives, and textual evidence for …
Date: 2017-03-02