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Author(s): Maria Carmela Benvenuto
Abstract The syntactic functions and/or semantic roles encoded by the Ancient Greek genitive do not coincide precisely with the uses of the genitive in other Indo-European languages. Indeed, the A.Gk. genitive is a result of IE genitive-ablative merging and it combines the functions of both cases comprising, besides possessive and partitive meanings (typically expressed by the genitive in IE languages), spatial meanings (typically expressed by the ablative in IE languages). The genitive is the un…
Date: 2013-11-01

Greek and Iranian

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Author(s): Maria Carmela Benvenuto
Abstract The history of the interaction between the Greek and Iranian civilizations is complex, largely due to issues regarding the timeframe of the contact, the diversity and reciprocity of such contact and its ultimate effects. This interaction is, in fact, present throughout the history of Greek from Archaic Greece to the Hellenistic period. Greek sources regarding the contact of mainland Greece with Persia only occasionally contain original Iranian words. Nevertheless, the number of loanwords…
Date: 2013-11-01


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Author(s): Maria Carmela Benvenuto
Abstract The linguistic encoding of possession in Ancient Greek can be regarded as a constellation of structures. Possession and a range of related meanings could be expressed in Ancient Greek not only by attributive constructions characterized by an inflectional marker on the Possessor item, but also by predicative constructions involving a verb of highly specialized possessive meaning, such as ékhō, and by constructions with copular/existential verbs accompanied by morphosyntactic encoding (genitive and dative) on the Possessor. The predicative constr…
Date: 2014-01-22