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Author(s): Marjanen, Antti
Candidus was a Christian teacher, active at the beginning of the 3rd century CE. Very little is known about him. The first explicit reference to Candidus is made by Jerome, who in his critique of Rufinus of Aquileia’s apology for Origen (Jer. Ruf. 2.18–19) indicates that there was a theological dispute, evidently at Athens, between Origen and Candidus, whom Jerome regarded as Valentinian. The written dialogue of the dispute, to which Jerome referred in his text, is no longer extant. Rufinus is also aware of the dispute, although he does not mention Candidus by name (Ruf. Adul. Orig. 7). Bo…
Date: 2020-09-21


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Author(s): Marjanen, Antti
Cerdo was a Christian teacher, generally held to be a gnostic, who flourished at Rome in the time of Hyginus (136–140 CE), simultaneously with Valentinus and Marcion and somewhat earlier than Justin Martyr. If Cerdo committed anything in writing, nothing has been preserved of his texts. According to Epiphanius of Salamis ( Haer. 41.1.1) and Filastrius of Brescia ( Haer. 44), he was an immigrant from Syria. This information is uncertain, however, and may simply have its origin in Irenaeus of Lyon’s report according to which Cerdo adopted his system from the followers of Simon Magus (Iren. Ha…
Date: 2020-09-21