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Author(s): McAllister, Patrick
Ratnakīrti (Tib. Rin chen grags pa) is known as a Buddhist scholar (colophons call him a mahāpaṇḍita) and the author of several treatises on central issues of Buddhist logic and epistemology ( pramāṇa). He was active at Vikramaśīla, a large Buddhist monastery founded in the 8th century CE by the king Dharmapāla and located in modern-day Bihar. His floruit lay between 1000 and 1050 CE. Ratnakīrti was a contemporary of two other famous Buddhists at Vikramaśīla, Ratnākaraśānti (also Śāntipā or Śāntipāda) and Jñānaśrī (also Jñānaśrīmitra), with both of whom Ratna…