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Author(s): Meyendorff, John
Palamism is the theological position associated with the name of Gregory Palamas (ca. 1296–1359), a Byzantine saint and archbishop of Thessalonica, affirming the experience of theōsis (or “deification”) and also a real distinction between the “essence” of God (§6), which remains transcendent, and the “energies,” or grace, through which deification becomes accessible in Christ (Christology 3). Before starting his activities as a theologian, Palamas was a Hesychast monk on Mount Athos. He defended the Hesychasts, who claimed to have obtained the expe…

Orthodox Christianity

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Author(s): Meyendorff, John
Christian faith is the faith of a community that began with the group of disciples gathered by Jesus himself and that received the gift of the Spirit at Pentecost after the resurrection (Acts 2). This Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of truth, who “abides with you, and he will be in you” (John 14:17) and who, in spite of all the shortcomings and imperfections of both individuals and historical groups, speaks in and through that community gathered “in Christ.” Particularly when it celebrates the Eucharist (§3.1.3), the community is an eschat…