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Author(s): Michael P. Streck
The term ‘mimation’ is used for the - m ending of the case suffixes in some Semitic languages. In Proto-Semitic, the singular of the noun had case suffixes with final - m (Diem 1975:243), as reflected in the most ancient attested languages: Akkadian and Amorite (both - um, -im, -am), Old Canaanite in Egyptian transcription (- m), and Sabaic (- m) (Brockelmann 1908:472–474; Moscati a.o. 1964:96–99; Diem 1975:241–242; Layton 1990:157–159; Lipiński 1997:272–273; Streck 2000:259–260). This final - m originally had no (in)determinate value. It cannot be assigned any other fun…
Date: 2018-04-01