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Business Ethics

(839 words)

Author(s): Miller, David W.
[German Version] Theological reflection on business ethics results in rich interpretive possibilities offering at least two distinctive yet intertwined meanings. Business ethics can mean either “ ethics of business” or “ethics for business.” This duality reveals the inherent linkage between the ethics of business qua business on a more general and theoretical level, and the more particular ethical issues faced by individual companies and their employees. The Christian tradition has long been interested in marketplace affairs, evolvi…

Economic Ethics

(8,633 words)

Author(s): Stackhouse, Max L. | Miller, David W.
1. Ethics, the Economy, and the Corporation The question of how to organize the economic life of society has occupied the world’s leaders and thinkers since at least the time of the patriarch Joseph in Egypt. It appears as a primary concern of Moses, Solomon, and Socrates, much as it was of the sages of other traditions elsewhere. After all, the production, distribution, exchange, ownership, and ¶ use of goods and services have been a part of society for as long as recorded history. A central dimension of biblical teaching has been the question of how faith should inform the or…