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Object, Absolute

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Author(s): Moheiddin Ali Homeidi
1. Definition The absolute object ( al-mafʿūl al-muṭlaq) is defined in the Arabic syntactic tradition as “an accusative noun phrase that takes the form of its maṣdar ( nomina verbi or infinitives) or its substitute; it is used to emphasize the action of its governor (the verb or its substitutes), its kind or number” (ar-Rājiḥī 1988:277). The term mafʿūl muṭlaq is not used by Sībawayhi; he discusses the function of the maṣdar in the construction of the absolute object under the term ism al-ḥadat̲ān or al-ḥadat̲ ‘the event’ ( Kitāb I, 15.2–3; cf. I, 117–120 Bāb mā yakūnu min al-maṣādir mafʿūlan
Date: 2019-05-01