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Leo I

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Author(s): Neil, Bronwen
Little is known of Leo’s life before he entered the pontificate on Sep 29, 440 CE. The  Liber Pontificalis relates that Leo was born in Tuscia, the son of a Quintianus who is otherwise unknown. It seems that Leo served as archdeacon under Sixtus III (432–440 CE), in which role he would have received valuable training for the office of bishop. This was a common career path in the papal service. From Sixtus III, he inherited an ongoing major building program within the city and divisions within the urban population…
Date: 2019-08-09


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Author(s): | Neil, Bronwen
The apocrisiarius (lit. “answerer”) was the point of contact among the four patriarchates of Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Alexandria, and the headquarters of the imperial church in Constantinople. Extant from the 5th century CE, the office was institutionalized in law under Justinian Ia (527–565 CE). The apocrisiarius could be a cleric functioning as the diplomatic representative or legate of a bishop of the patriarch to the Byzantine imperial court, or his permanent representative resident in …
Date: 2019-08-09