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Verbal Nouns

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Author(s): Pčelinceva, Elena
Nomina actionis (NA) are nouns that have the meaning of an action, process, or state, and usually have a verbal origin. This category of words is a special hybrid type in all Slavic languages, because it combines properties of both verb and noun.The center of the category are nouns derived from verbs and having a process meaning, e.g., Po czytać ʻto read’ → czytanie ʻreading’, Uk doslidžuvaty ʻto investigateʼ → doslidžennja ʻinvestigationʼ, and Bg  xodja ʻto walkʼ → xodene ʻwalkingʼ. On the periphery of the category, there are nouns formed from nouns and adjectives, e.g., Cz etapizace ʻsta…
Date: 2022-03-04