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Author(s): Badian, Ernst (Cambridge, MA) | Ameling, Walter (Jena) | Olshausen, Eckart (Stuttgart) | Schottky, Martin (Pretzfeld) | Pietsch, Christian (Mainz) | Et al.
(Ἀρχέλαος; Archélaos). [German version] [1] Macedonian king (ca. 413-399 BC) Son of  Perdiccas, king of Macedonia about 413-399 BC, who according to Plato's spiteful representation (Gorg. 471) was the son of a slave woman and had ascended to the throne by murder. However, he appeared about 415 in a contract with Athens in third place after Perdiccas and his brother Alcetas, i.e. as legitimate (IG I3 89,60). Murdering other pretenders to the throne was not uncommon among the  Argeads, who had no firm rule of succession. He was on a good footing with the Atheni…


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Author(s): Pietsch, Christian (Mainz)
[German version] It is not quite clear, who the so-called Ἀναξαγόρειοι or οἱ ἀπ'/περὶ Ἀναξαγόρου ( Anaxagóreioi, hoi ap'/perì Anaxagórou; Pl. Cra. 409b; DK 61 A 6; Arist. Part. an. 677a 6) were in person, nor what their teachings entailed. The existence of a school (DK 59 A 7) is questionable. We do, however, know that  Anaxagoras [2] influenced his contemporaries, e.g. Pericles and Euripides (DK 59 A 1; 20a-c).  Archelaus [8] was an Anaxagorean in the stricter sense ( nous, homoiomereia; DK 60). It is not certain if the same holds true for Metrodorus of Lampsacus, known for…


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Author(s): Neudecker, Richard (Rome) | Pietsch, Christian (Mainz)
[German version] [1] Bronze sculptor of Aegina, 5th cent. BC Bronze sculptor of Aegina. After the victory of Plataeae (479 BC), he created a 4.5 m high statue of Zeus in Olympia. Of a further votive gift, ordered by Praxagoras, only the inscription survived (Anth. Gr. VI 139). Neudecker, Richard (Rome) Bibliography F. Adler, Topographie und Gesch. von Olympia, 1897, 86 F. Eckstein, Ἀναθήματα, 1969, 23-26 Overbeck, no. 433-436 (sources). [German version] [2] Natural philosopher, 5th cent. BC Born in 500 BC in Clazomenae, A. lived in Athens from about 461 BC, where he, in…