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The So-Called Demotic Chronicle (4.5)

(4,657 words)

Author(s): Quack, Joachim-Friedrich
Commentary The composition is preserved on only one single papyrus (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale 215 rt.), which, given that it lacks both the beginning and the end, seriously impedes interpretation. The papyrus is a palimpsest, i.e. the text in question was written after the preceding text inscribed on the papyrus was erased. It dates to the late 3rd century bce and probably comes from the Memphite region. On the back of the same papyrus, a number of unrelated shorter texts were inscribed. They present a story about king Amasis who, suffering from a …

II. Egypt

(7,523 words)

Author(s): Quack, Joachim Friedrich | Eder, Walter | Onasch, Hans-Ulrich
II. 1. Egyptian rulers until Alexander the Great Egyptian chronology rests on several supports. First there is a native tradition of kinglists as well as the Greek reworking of this tradition by Manetho [1]. These kinglists, however, are quite fragmentary, and the work of Manetho is only transmitted in excerpts replete with textual problems. For periods from which richer textual evidence survives, the dates of administrative texts can also provide good information on the length of reigns. Furthermore, t…

II. Ägpyten

(6,746 words)

Author(s): Quack, Joachim Friedrich | Eder, Walter | Onasch, Hans-Ulrich
II. 1. Ägyptische Herrscher bis zu Alexander d.Gr. Die ägyptische Chronologie ruht auf mehreren Säulen. Einerseits gibt es innerägyptische Herrscherlisten sowie die griechischsprachige Umsetzung dieser Tradition durch Manethon [1]; allerdings sind erstere nur sehr fragmentarisch erhalten, letzterer nur in textkritisch problematischen Exzerpten überliefert. Für manche Epochen dichter Bezeugung können auch die Daten administrativer Texte gute Aufschlüsse über die Länge von Regierungszeiten geben. Daneben …