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Author(s): Rachel Simon
Zliten lies on the Mediterranean coast about 93 miles (150 kilometers) east of Tripoli, Libya. Little is known about the town’s Jewish community before the eighteenth century, but it numbered more than seven hundred in the twentieth. Most of the local Jews were craftsmen, peddlers, and small merchants, but there were a few wealthy traders and moneylenders. In the late nineteenth century Zliten’s Jews were involved in the processing and exporting of esparto grass for paper production. Zliten is famous for the Bu-Shayf synagogue, the focus of numerous miracle tales and a pilgri…

Jewish Journals in the Islamic World

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Author(s): Rachel Simon
ADEN Aden Niv Geʾulah; Hebrew; 1949; Organ of the Geʾulah emigrants’ camp. ALGERIA Algiers Adziri; See: L’Israélite Algérien Annuaire du Judaïsme Nord-Africain; French; 1953; single issue; Informative publication of the Jewish Algerian Committee for Social Studies (single issue). L’Anticlérical Juif; French; 1898; monthly; Political monthly, edited by Henry Tubiana. L’Appel; French; 1947–1948; bimonthly; Political, social and literary independent. Bamaavak = Ba-Maʾavaq; French; 1950; single issue; Zionist journal of the Halutz “Dror” movement. Besorot Yisraʾel; See:…
Date: 2021-04-06


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Author(s): Olga Borovaya | Jaleh Pirnazar | Rachel Simon
1. Middle East and North Africa Jewish journalism in the Middle East and North Africa began in 1842 with the Ladino weekly La Buena Esperansa in Izmir (Smyrna). Between then and the end of the twentieth century, over eight hundred Jewish newspapers and periodicals were published in the region, many quite short-lived. Published by and about Sephardim and Mizraḥim, they appeared in regional, Jewish, and European languages, in a variety of formats and frequencies, differed great in longevity, and covered a wide range of t…
Date: 2015-09-03


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Author(s): Miriam Frenkel | Rachel Simon | Aron Rodrigue
1. Medieval Period The education of the young in the medieval society documented in the Cairo Geniza was basically aimed at preparing them to integrate as early and efficiently as possible into the world of adults. This is clearly reflected in some eleventh- and twelfth-century halakhic monographs that discuss the passage from childhood to maturity. They present the early years of human life as a prolonged ascent toward the peak of full adulthood; the stages preceding adulthood are only important as  preparatory steps toward the goal. Religious studies, however, were lifelong and…
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