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Author(s): Rudolf de Jong
In a feature typical of Bedouin dialects, a short vowel a follows a morpheme-internal back spirant ( X), whenever this X is preceded by a. This type of vowel insertion had been described previously, in varying degrees of detail, by, for example, Wetzstein (1868:185–186, 191), Cantineau (1936:66), Mitchell (1960:388), and Johnstone (1964:80), before Blanc dubbed it the ‘ gahawah-syndrome’ (1970:125–127). Although known as a general characteristic of ‘Bedouin’ dialects – Blanc states that it is found “only in gāl dialects” (1970:127, n. 29) – the syndrome has been reported …
Date: 2018-04-01


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Author(s): Rudolf de Jong
The consonant r (or velarized ) is realized in many dialects with a degree of delay. When r directly follows the consonant in a sequence Crv, such delay may result in the realization of an intrusive vowel preceding r or . This phenomenon was termed the ‘ bukaṛa-syndrome’ by Woidich (1978). In allegro speech, however, the syndrome usually remains absent. Such bukaṛa-vowels are often heard in northern and southern Middle Egyptian dialects, including the Fayyūm oasis (see Behnstedt and Woidich 1985:maps 47–49) and in most parts of the oases of the Western …
Date: 2018-04-01

Sinai Arabic

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Author(s): Rudolf de Jong
  1. General 1.1 Geographical Wedged between North Africa and southwestern Asia lies the Sinai Peninsula. Through the ages, the area has served as a land bridge between the two continents, and across it Islam and the Arabic language were spread to Africa by Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula. The most populous region of the Sinai Desert is its northern littoral. The central plain of at-Tīh and the mountainous region of the south (aṭ-Ṭūr) are only thinly populated. The majority of the population in the south live near the Gulf of Suez and the Gul…
Date: 2020-08-01