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Language Pathology

(4,613 words)

Author(s): Sabah M.Z. Safi
Language pathology' (also known as ‘language disorder’ or ‘language impairment’) refers to deficiencies in language use (production or comprehension or both) due to a clear physical cause. Roman Jakobson (1971) was probably the first linguist to stress the insights that can be drawn from pathological deficits in linguistic performance. What he called ‘experiments in nature’, he argued, not only provide information on the nature of the deficit itself but also provide a testing ground for theoreti…
Date: 2018-04-01

Slips of the Tongue

(3,400 words)

Author(s): Sabah M.Z. Safi
Slips of the tongue (also known as speech errors) are unintentional deviations from the speaker's intended production of a string of linguistic units. Slips have been of interest to Arabic grammarians as far back as the 8th century (al-Kisāʾī's [d. 189/805] Mā talḥanu fīhi l-ʿawāmm ‘Errors of the populace’), insofar as they believed that slips provide clues as to how language changes. But it was not until the publication of Meringer and Mayer's corpus (1895) that slips of the tongue began to receive increased attention. At the end of the …
Date: 2018-04-01