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Author(s): Schaefer, Michael
1. The abbreviation ‘UFO’ (for ‘Unidentified Flying Object’) has long been an all but magical concept of everyday culture. But, as the ‘U’ expresses, it lies pretty much in the dark what the term properly relates to. Regarded phenomenologically, a UFO experience contains an encounter with an (at first, or altogether) unexplainable celestial apparition. It belongs in the area of → new myths and systems of belief of the twenty-first century, however, by reason of the fact that the apparition can b…

Martial Arts

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Author(s): Schaefer, Michael
1. Martial arts, today's generic name for an entire series of Far Eastern disciplines, are centuries old in their origin, and in China and Japan were an important aspect of a comprehensive and transcendent vision of human development. Originally, it was a matter of techniques (in Jap., jutsu) of the duel and self-defense, unarmed, as some form of chi gong (in China, something like ‘elaborating of energy,’ a fundamental, multiplex system of bodily-spiritual exercises), such as kung-fu (properly shaolin-chuan, a fisticuffs developed by monks of the Shaolin monastery), jiu-jitsu, kara…