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Author(s): Scheer, Tanja (Rome) | Bremmer, Jan N. (Groningen) | Graf, Fritz (Columbus, OH)
(Αἴολος; Aíolos). [German version] [1] Eponym of the Aeolean tribe Eponym of the Aeolean tribe. Son of Hellen (Hes. fr. 9 MW), grandson of  Deucalion, whose many genealogical connections help to give structure to the mythical worldview of the Greeks, including geographically. His brothers Dorus and Xythos emigrate, A. is king in the paternal Magnesia/Thessaly. By Enarete, daughter of Deimachus, he has many children: the sons Cretheus, Athamas,  Sisyphus, Salmoneus and Perieres (Hes. fr. 10 MW; Apollod. 1,…


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Author(s): Scheer, Tanja (Rome) | Stanzel, Karl-Heinz (Tübingen) | Neudecker, Richard (Rome)
(Εὔανδρος; Eúandros). [German version] [1] Mythical founder of the first settlement on the Palatine Arcadian-Roman hero, according to Paus. 8,43,1ff. the son of Hermes and an Arcadian nymph (Themis, Nicostrate: Plut. Quaest. Rom. 278B-C), or alternatively the prophesying  Carmentis from Pallantium. In Hes. fr. 168MW, he is a son of Echemus of Tegea and Tyndareos' daughter Timandra, Hellenism makes him the son of the Italian Sibyl. Banished because of his involvement in a popular uprising or the murder of one …


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Author(s): Scheer, Tanja (Rome)
(Ἐπειός; Epeiós). [German version] [1] Builder of the Trojan Horse Son of Panopeus of Phocis (Eur. Tro. 9 with schol.; Paus. 2,29,4). He took part in the Trojan War, and won the boxing match at Patroclus' funeral games (Hom. Il. 23,664ff.), but was less successful in throwing Eëtion's iron discus (835ff.). E.'s subordinate social position as the ‘water-carrier of the Atreids’ is documented in Stesichorus (fr. 200 PMGF; cf. also Pl. Ion 533b). E. had the reputation of being a proverbial coward ─ in punishm…
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