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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[English Version] Rörer, Georg (1.10.1492 Deggendorf – 24.4.1557 Jena). Der engste Mitarbeiter Luthers studierte ab 1511 in Leipzig (22.12.1520 M.A.). Ende 1522 zog er nach Wittenberg (11.4.1523 immatrikuliert). Unermüdlich schrieb er Luthers Predigten und Vorlesungen nach. 1525 wurde er, von Luther ordiniert, zweiter Diaconus an der Stadtkirche, bis 1533 mit Zuständigkeit für die Landgemeinden. 1537 wurde er von diesem Dienst entlastet und ihm seine Hilfe für Luther als amtliche Aufgabe übertragen…

Sturm, Johannes

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Oct 1, 1507, Schleiden, Eifel – Mar 3, 1589, Straßburg [Strasbourg]). After an education by the Brothers of the Common Life (Brothers and Sisters of the Common Life) in Liège and (along with J. Sleidanus) at the Collegium trilingue in Leuven, he came to Paris in 1529, where he studied medicine and lectured on Humanistic subjects. In 1533 he joined the Reformed group at the court of Francis I of France. In 1536 he fled to Straßburg, where M. Bucer and Jakob Sturm entrusted him wit…

Althamer, Andreas

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (pseud. Palaeosphyra; before 1500, Brenz – 1539, Ansbach). Following studies at Leipzig and Tübingen from 1516, Althamer taught in Halle and Reutlingen from 1521 to 1523. In 1524, he was appointed curate in Schwäbisch Gmünd. After losing his position in 1525 because he had married, he studied at Wittenberg. In 1527, he became pastor in Eltersdorf near Nürnberg. As pastor in Ansbach from 1528, he played a decisive role in the reformation of the margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach. In 1537, he became a reformer in Brandenburg-Küstrin. Heinz Scheible Bibliography T. Kold…

Freder, Johannes

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Aug 29, 1510, Koszalin [Ger. Köslin], Poland – Jan 25, 1562, Wismar). After studying in Wittenberg (from 1524, M.A. in 1533; Wittenberg, University of), Freder was appointed co-rector of the Johanneum in Hamburg in 1537, where he also became preacher in 1539. Without ordination, through the laying-on-of-hands he officiated as pastor and lector secundarius of the cathedral from 1540 to 1547. When Freder became superintendent of Stralsund in 1547, the general superintendent of Wolgast, J. Knipstro, was in favor of ordaining him, but …

Schwebel (Schweblin), Johannes

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (c. 1490, Pforzheim – May 19, 1540, Zweibrücken). After studying at Tübingen and Leipzig, Schwebel joined the Hospitalers of the Holy Spirit. In 1511 he began studying at Heidelberg, receiving his B.A. in 1513. In 1514 he was ordained to the priesthood in Straßburg (Strasbourg) and appointed preacher at the Heilig-Geist-Spital in Pforzheim. In 1519 he began to preach in the spirit of the Reformation; in 1521 he left the order and had to leave the city, taking refuge with F. v. Sic…

Alber, Erasmus

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (c. 1500, Windecken [in modern Nidderau] or Bruchenbrücken [in modern Friedberg] – May 5, 1553, Neubrandenburg). After attending school in Nidda and Weilburg, Alber studied at Wittenberg in 1520, then (1522–1528) taught in Büdingen, Oberursel, and Eisenach. From 1528 to 1540, he served as pastor in Sprendlingen (modern Dreieich); in 1537, he i…

Stoltz, Johann

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (c. 1514, Wittenberg – 1556, Weimar), editor of the Jena edition of Luther’s works. He came to Wittenberg in 1532 and went through the usual course of instruction, receiving his M.A. in 1539. There was a brief interruption when he was ordained as a deacon in Jessen in 1539 and served as court tutor in Freiberg and Dresden in 1539/1540. In 1544 he was appointed to a professorship at the Wittenberg Pädagogium and the theological faculty. In 1547 he was appointed court chaplain in We…

Gramann, Johann

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Poliander; Dec 26, 1486 or Jul 5, 1487, Neustadt/Aisch – Apr 29, 1541, Królewiec [Ger. Königsberg], Poland). After studying in Leipzig (1503–1516), Gramann stayed on to become a lecturer at the St. Thomas School and served as secretary to J. Eck during the Leipzig Disputation of 1519, whereupon he then joined Luther in Wittenberg, although he was awarded the degree of Bacc.theol. from Leipzig in 1520. He was rector of the St. Thomas School from 1520 to 1522, and cathedral preache…

Hermann of Wied

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Jan 14, 1477, Wied – Aug 15, 1552, Wied). The younger son of a count who was orphaned early in life received his first benefice as early as 1483 in Cologne, became canon in 1490, and was appointed archbishop and thus also elector in 1515. He delayed his ordination until 1518 and his entry into Cologne until 1522. He supported the Edict of Worms (1521) against Luther and his adherents out of convic-¶ tion. He saw the church's need for reform chiefly in the involvement of the curia in the filling of positions. His theological adviser was J. Gropper, who…

Euricius Cordus

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1486, Obersimtshausen [near Marburg] – Dec 24, 1535, Bremen), physician and poet. A teacher in Kassel about 1509–1511, in 1513 he went to Erfurt, where he gained his M.A. and became rector of St. Marien foundation school in 1516. He traveled to Italy, and became a doctor of medicine at Ferrara in 1521. He became municipal physician in Braunschweig in 1523, and i…

Witzel, Georg

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1501, Vacha – Feb 16, 1573, Mainz). In 1516 he matriculated at Erfurt and became a schoolteacher in Vacha in 1518. He studied at Wittenberg in 1520 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1521, being appointed vicar and town clerk in Vacha. In 1524 he was married in Eisenach and became an assistant to J. Strauß. In 1524 he was appointed pastor in Wenigenlupnitz and in 1526 in Niemegk. He was an observer at the Marburg Colloquy in 1529 (Disputations, Religious). His critical corresp…

Nausea, Friedrich

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1496, Waischenfeld – Feb 6, 1552, Trent). After studying and teaching in Bamberg, Zwickau, Nuremberg, and Leipzig (1514), Nausea went to Italy in 1518 (1523 Dr.iur.utr. in Padua). In 1524 he accompanied the legate L. Campeggio as his secretary to Stuttgart (visiting Melanchthon in Bretten), to the Nuremberg Diet, to the Regensburg Council, to Vienna, and to Hungary, and became a papal Palatine notary. In 1524 he addressed an open letter to Erasmus of Rotterdam. In 1525 Nausea was…

Camerarius, Joachim

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Apr 12, 1500, Bamberg – Apr 17, 1574, Leipzig) began studies in Leipzig in 1512, in Erfurt in 1518 (M.A. 1521), and in Wittenberg in 1521, where he enjoyed a close friendship with Melanchthon. He became professor of rhetoric in 1522, although he often spent long periods in Bamberg and traveling, in 1524 with Melanchthon to Bretten and as Luther's emissary to Erasmus in Basel. In 1525 he became professor of Greek in Wittenberg, in 1526 rector in …

Mosellanus, Petrus

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1493/1494, Bruttig – Apr 19, 1524, Leipzig). After attending school in Beilstein, Luxembourg, Limburg, and Trier, he began studies at Cologne in 1509, receiving his B.A. in 1511 and matriculating on Feb 1, 1512. In 1513/1514, he taught in a school in Freiberg. In 1515 he went to Leipzig to study with Richard Crocus, professor of Greek, whom he succeeded in 1517. He published several translations and editions of Greek authors and in 1518 published his Paedologia, a widely used schoolbook. Georg Agricola (1490–1555), J. Camerarius, C. Cruciger, J. Pflug, a…

Muth, Konrad

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Mutianus; Oct 15, 1470, Homberg/Efze – Mar 30, 1526, Gotha), fellow student of Erasmus of Rotterdam in the school of A. Hegius in Deventer. While a student in Erfurt from 1486 (1488 B.A., 1492 M.A.), he attended the lectures of C. Celtis. From 1494 he studied in Italy (Dr.iur.can.). In 1502 Muth returned to Germany, served briefly in the Hesse chancery, and in 1503 joined a religious foundation in Gotha (as Stiftsherr). In 1504 he was ordained priest, but despised choir service, lived for his Humanist studies, published nothing, but gathered friends…

Alesius, Alexander

(120 words)

Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (Alane) (Apr 23, 1500, Edinburgh – Mar 17, 1565, Leipzig) was canon in St. Andrews; imprisoned in 1529 for criticizing the church, he fled to the mainland; he became a lecturer in Wittenberg in 1533. In 1535, Alesius went to Reformation-friendly England, but had once again to flee in 1539 because he married. In 1540, he became professor of theology in …

Fagius, Paul

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1504, Rheinzabern – Nov 13, 1549, Cambridge). Fagius studied from 1515 in Heidelberg (Heidelberg, University of; 1522, M.A. degree), ¶ where he became acquainted with Luther in 1518. In 1522 he became a teacher in Strasbourg. He learned Hebrew from W. Capito. In 1527 he became a school rector in Isny, returning to Strasbourg in 1535, where he worked with M. Bucer and studied theology. In 1537–1542 he was a preacher in Isny, where he improved his Hebrew with Elijah Levita and ran a Hebrew printing co…

Bibliander (Buchmann), Theodor

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (c. 1504, Bischofszell – Sep 26, 1564, Zürich) studied at Basel and was professor of Rhetoric in Liegnitz from 1527 to 1529. In 1531, as a follower of Zwingli, he became professor of Old Testament at Zürich. Buchmann had command of an exceptional number of languages. His exegesis was philosophical and historical; he interpreted the entire Old …

Brunfels, Otto

(211 words)

Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (c. 1488/1490, Mainz – Nov 23, 1534, Bern). After studies in Mainz, Braunfels joined ¶ the Carthusians at Königshofen (Koenigshoffen), near Strassburg (Strasbourg). He fled the monastery in 1521 and was given a pastorate in Steinau an der Strasse by U. v. Hutten, but had to flee again the next year. He served as preacher in Neuenburg am Rhein from 1522 to 15…

Medler, Nikolaus

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Author(s): Scheible, Heinz
[German Version] (1502, Hof – Aug 24, 1551, Bernburg). After teaching at schools in Hof and Eger, Medler began his studies in Wittenberg in 1523. In 1527, he became a schoolmaster in Hof, and in 1529 assistant of K. Loener. In 1531, Medler was expelled together with Loener, and came again to Wittenberg (1532, M.A.; 1535, Dr.theol.; collected Luther's Table Talks). In 1536, he became pastor and superintendent ¶ in Naumburg, where he authored church disciplines. In 1545, he did the same in Braunschweig, where he rendered outstanding service to the school system. In…
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