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Sextus Empiricus

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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
2nd cent./early 3rd cent. AD; Pyrrhonist Sceptic. Works Author of philosophical works from the perspective of Pyrrhonean Scepticism. Editions Editions, translations, and bibliography in L. Ferraria, G. Santese, Bibliografia sullo scetticismo antico (1880–1978), in G. Giannantoni (ed.), Lo scetticismo antico, Rome 1981, 753–850; supplemented by P. Misuri, Bibliografia sullo scetticismo antico 1979–1988, in Elenchos 11, 1990, 257–334. Works Greek Title Latin Title English Title Dating Brief Description 1 Πυρρώνειοι ὑποτυπώσεις/Pyrrhṓneioi hypotypṓseis ( Pyrrh.) Pyrrhon…


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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
b. 342/1 BC in Samos; d. 271/0 BC in Athens; Greek philosopher. Works The three great didactic epistles To Herodotus, To Pythocles and To Menoeceus have been preserved in the tenth book of the Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes [17] Laertius (Diog. Laert.), at the end of which we also find the Kýriai dóxai; additionally, there is a Gnomologium in a Vatican manuscript. Fragments of the principal work On Nature, numerous philosophical and private letters, as well as other writings, have also been preserved, mainly in papyri from Herculaneum. Papyri The editions of the …


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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
b. ca. AD 50 in Hierapolis in Phrygia; d. ca. AD 125/130 in Nicopolis in Epirus; Popular Stoic philosopher. Works Epictetus himself did not write anything, but his pupil Flavius Arrianus [2] published a collection of Discourses and a summary of his teachings; fragments of further writings about his doctrine are extant. Scholia The few scholia can be found in the edition by H. Schenkl; a commentary by zSimplicius on the Encheirídion survives. Manuscripts The manuscripts of the Diatribaí are all derived from Codex Bodl. misc. Graec. 251; there is a large number of codices containing the Enche…

Sextos [2] Empeirikos (Sextus Empiricus)

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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
Ende des 2./Anfang des 3. Jhs. n.Chr.;pyrrhonischer Skeptiker. Werke Verfasser philosophischer Schriften pyrrhonischer Skepsis. Editionen Editionen, Übersetzungen und Literatur bei: L. Ferraria, G. Santese, Bibliografia sullo scetticismo antico (1880–1978), in: G. Giannantoni (Hrsg.), Lo scetticismo antico, Rom 1981, 753–850; ergänzt durch P. Misuri, Bibliografia sullo scetticismo antico 1979–1988, in: Elenchos 11, 1990, 257–334. Werke Werktitel griech. Werktitel lat. Werktitel dt. Datierung Kurzbeschreibung 1 Πυρρώνειοι ὑποτυπώσεις/ Pyrrhṓneioi hypotypṓseis ( P…


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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
geb. 342/1 v.Chr. in Samos; gest. 271/0 v.Chr. in Athen; griech. Philosoph. Werke Vollständig erhalten sind die drei großen Lehrbriefe An Herodotos, An Pythokles und An Menoikeus im 10. Buch der Philosophiegeschichte des → Diogenes [17] Laertios (Diog. Laert.), an dessen Ende auch die Kýriai dóxai zu finden sind; hinzu kommt ein Gnomologium in einer vatikanischen Handschrift. Vom Hauptwerk Über die Natur, von zahlreichen philosophischen und privaten Briefen und von anderen Schriften existieren Fragmente, v.a. durch Papyri aus Herculaneum. Papyri Die Editionen der durch Herc…

Epiktetos [2]

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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
geb. um 50 n.Chr. in Hierapolis in Phrygien; gest. um 125/130 n.Chr. in Nikopolis in Epeiros; stoischer Popularphilosoph. Werke Epiktet verfasste selbst keine Schriften, doch veröffentlichte sein Schüler Flavius → Arrianos [2] eine Sammlung von Lehrgesprächen und eine Zusammenfassung der Lehre; daneben existieren Fragmente weiterer Schriften über seine Lehre. Scholien Die wenigen Scholien finden sich in der Ausgabe von H. Schenkl; zum Encheirídion ist der Kommentar des Simplikios erhalten. Handschriften Die Handschriften der Diatribaí gehen alle auf den Cod. Bodl. mi…

About Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker continued Part IV (September 2019)

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Author(s): Schorn, Stefan
Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Continued is the continuation of Felix Jacoby's monumental work on ancient fragmentary historians, Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker, originally published between 1923 and 1958. Before his death in 1959, Jacoby managed to complete the first three out of the six parts he had initially planned, namely (I) Genealogy and Mythography, (II) Chronography (political-military history) and (III) Horography and Ethnography. Other researchers then set out to continue Jacoby's massive task and add the parts that he had n…