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Author(s): Schrijver, Emile
Introduction to the first volume of the Encyclopedia of Jewish Book Cultures (EJBC). The EJBC is conceived as an encyclopedia on book cultures, not on book contents, and places the book with its textuality and materiality in the center of investigation. This first volume introduces the reader to the current state of research in the field of Jewish Book History. This is the first of a total of four volumes that will make up the Encyclopedia of Jewish Book Cultures (EJBC). The editorial board became convinced very soon in the process of preparing this major reference work th…
Date: 2023-01-31

Book History and Jewish Book History

(6,554 words)

Author(s): Finkelstein, David | Schrijver, Emile
This article intends to carefully examine how the relationship between general book history and Jewish book history might be reconsidered and revised. It does not claim that Jewish book history can or should not be considered separately, but rather that the plurality of what constitutes an overall definition of the Jewish book can and should be rethought in more inclusive ways. ⸙Researchers of the Jewish book often define their field as existing in parallel to the study of non-Jewish books, rather than as an integral part of it. Such an approach creates a…
Date: 2023-01-31


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Author(s): Tov, Emanuel | Olszowy-Schlanger, Judith | Teplitsky, Joshua | Schrijver, Emile
1. Dead Sea ScrollsThe term "scribes of the Dead Sea Scrolls" is as problematic as the term Dead Sea Scrolls itself because of the diversity of the scrolls and their scribes, but there is no better term. Some 2,000 fragmentary scrolls, mainly in Hebrew but also in Aramaic and Greek, on leather and papyrus, were found not only at the shores of the Dead Sea, but also inlands, in the Judean Desert. The most well-known among them are some 950 texts found in caves at Qumran. The texts were writte…
Date: 2023-11-20