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Author(s): Schroeter, Daniel J.
Agadir (Agādīr; Berber, Agadir n'Ighir) is a city on the southern Moroccan Atlantic coast near the mouth of the Sous river valley, at the base of the western flank of the High Atlas mountain range. Derived from the Semitic root g-d-r (“wall”), “Agadir” is a frequent place name in the Sous region, connoting a fortified structure or collective granary. Probably an inhabited site in antiquity, Agadir’s recorded construction dates from 1505 when a Portuguese nobleman built a castle there, to protect a fishing fleet. The king of Portugal acquired the site in 1513. The fortified Portuguese town, called Santa Cruz do Cabo de Guer, was conquered by the Saʿdī dynasty in 1541. Renamed Agadir, it became Morocco’s principal southern seaport, from which active trade with Europe was conducted, primarily by Moroccan Jews. Control of this trade was frequent…
Date: 2021-07-19