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Author(s): Landfester, Manfred (Gießen RWG) | Latacz, Joachim (Basle) | Schmitz, Thomas A. | Schmidt, Peter Lebrecht | Schwindt, Jürgen Paul (Bielefeld)
Landfester, Manfred (Gießen RWG) I. Greek (CT) A. Byzantine Philology (ca. 800-1453) (CT) [German version] 1. Terminology (CT) As the scientific study of the literature and language of Greek Antiquity, Byzantine philology, in the tradition of ancient Greek philology, meant primarily grammar, constitution of texts and explanation of texts. It was essentially humanistic, for it understood itself as a means for the linguistic, literary, intellectual and moral renewal of the present through texts from Antiquity. The…


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Author(s): Degani, Enzo (Bologna) | Schwindt, Jürgen Paul (Bielefeld)
[German version] A. Definition This antonomasia generally designates the great collection preserved from antiquity of Greek epigrams, i.e., the Anthologia Palatina (so named after the Bibliotheca Palatina in Heidelberg, where at the end of the 16th cent. the only MS, the Palatinus 23, was discovered) and also the Anthologia Planudea, which supplements it, which was compiled in 1301 by the monk Maximus Planudes (codex Marcianus graecus 481). Degani, Enzo (Bologna) [German version] B. Anthologia Palatina A collection of c. 3,700 epigrams with nearly 23,000 verses: in this t…


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Author(s): Schwindt, Jürgen Paul (Bielefeld)
[German version] Probably only in neo-Latin equivalent of Greek anthología ( anthology) and thus the term for collections of short independent texts or quotations. With Christian authors the usual expression is flores. Florida was already used as the term for a collection by Appuleius ( Ap(p)uleius [III]). Comparable ancient metaphorical terms are Greek anthologiká, leimṓnes, pandéktai, strōmateís (cf. Gell. NA pr.), Latin coniectanea, prata, silvae, and also excerpta, electa, etc. Christian florilegia of biblical texts enjoyed great popularity since Cyprianus' testimonia…