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Author(s): Stingelin, Martin
1. The West knows no figure, transmitted from Greek antiquity, more important, and susceptible of being read in religious history as a prism, than Oedipus. In him, an era's respective religious and nonreligious images of the human being fail. Sophocles's tragedy “Oedipus Rex,” as presented in a framework of the annual dramatic contest in honor of Dionysus, in Athens about 430 BCE, portrays Oedipus's self-revelation. The special urgency with which this piece of dramatic work was presented, has gi…


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Author(s): Stingelin, Martin
1. The word ‘psychoanalysis’ was first used in 1896, by the founder of the science, Viennese neurologist Sigmund → Freud. His new procedures constituted methods of treatment for neurotic illnesses, whose cause Freud sought to ground in the history of the psychological development of the individual and of civilization. The psychodynamic associations that Freud then discovered, partly through clinical observation, partly through introspection during his self-analysis of 1895–1902, and partly by sp…