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Author(s): Antes, Peter | Sykes, Stephen W.
1. Religious Aspects 1.1. Judeo-Christian Source As a technical term in religious usage, “revelation” comes from the Judeo-Christian tradition, more narrowly, from Christian theology. Its adoption as an academic term has brought with it a material expansion of meaning, the aim being to discover and systematically describe essential elements of biblical religion as they might appear in nonbiblical religious traditions. The legitimacy of this procedure has been variously evaluated according to the defin…


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Author(s): Sykes, Stephen W.
1. Term “Proclamation” is a general term signifying the activity of a herald (Gk. kēryx) or messenger ( angelos; Angel) in making public the content and meaning of what God has said or done for the salvation of the world (Soteriology). It thus presupposes divine revelation; in particular, proclamation is based upon the conviction that God is an agent in the world he has created (Creation 4; Salvation History). For example, in Hebrews 1–2 God is said to have spoken frequently in the past through the prophets and through angels but has now spoken through his own Son (Jesus). The NT uses a var…